Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Traditions

I just LOVE Easter! Do you?

In the week leading up to Easter, I wanted to find a new cupcake recipe. Not just any recipe. It needed to exceed all expectations. So I embarked on a search for "The Sweet Tooth Fairy copycat cupcake recipes." I love The Sweet Tooth Fairy and I love the story behind the success of this business, which I first read about in the BYU alumni magazine a few years back. Included in the article was a recipe for "Black and White Chocolate Cupcakes" with the most divine white chocolate frosting I've ever allowed into my mouth (and onto my hips, I might add). Check out the article and the recipe here:

Anyway, with the thought of those delicious cupcakes in mind, I searched for a copycat recipe for another variety of cupcakes from The Sweet Tooth Fairy. This is what I found:

I quadrupled the recipe and made enough of these amazing babies for half our neighborhood, no joke.

 My kiddos helped me frost them and we made these cute little toothpick labels and placed them on some not-so-fancy plates paper plates (because that's what I had on hand). Then we delivered them to people as an Easter gift, along with a message. I love Easter! It's a joyful celebration of the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Easter Cupcakes!

We have some other fun family traditions on Easter...

Homemade cinnamon rolls!

I use this great recipe from my favorite go-to recipe girl, Jamie.

Except, I usually make the divine "white chocolate frosting" from The Sweet Tooth Fairy (mentioned above with a link) because I prefer the tangy sweetness of cream cheese over maple.

Did I mention the house smells AMAZING on Easter morning???

Just looking at this photo makes my mouth water. They are that good.

Here is another fun tradition at our house on Easter morning (or thereabouts): 

Egg dying!

Each year, while we are doing this, we recall with a giggle the year our youngest child was two or three years old. When I told him we were going to "dye Easter eggs" he replied, with great concern: "Why do we want to kill them?" :)

And of course, it wouldn't be Easter without the annual backyard... 

Easter egg hunt!

Some years, if the weather doesn't cooperate, we have it inside the house. This year, however, it was sunny and fairly warm out. We had a fun, but quick, egg hunt for the two youngest kids.

 My husband caught me hiding eggs in my pj's and teddy bear robe (I'll tell you the story behind the teddy bear robe someday).

But the best tradition of all on Easter Sunday is...

 Going to church as a family!

I love attending church to worship and to be reminded of the wonderful blessings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We go to church to sing hymns of praise, to study the scriptures and learn together with our brothers and sisters in the ward family, to pray, and most importantly, to partake of the Sacrament to help us remember Jesus, to remind us of what He did for all mankind, and to renew our covenants with God to follow Him by trying to live good lives and help others.

After church, it is required (by me) to put the camera on the tripod and snap some family photos in our Easter clothes.

Happy Easter!
#Hallelujah #HeLives #BecauseOfHim